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Message from VWAP

To the residents of Dauphin County:

One of the most critical and fundamental rights as a human is to live in peace without the threat of violence and crime. Unfortunately, at times, our rights may be comprised. Too many of us have experienced ourselves or know a family member or friend that has been a victim of a violent crime.

The Victim/Witness Assistance Program has a history of meeting the critical needs of these individuals. Our ongoing commitment to assist those involuntarily involved in the justice system can be seen every day on the faces of those we have helped.

Through our dedicated and compassionate advocates, we strive to empower victims, witnesses and family members. We encourage those who have been involved in a violent crime to come forward and allow VWAP advocates to help. And, as a non-profit, our services are free to all those in need.

Although our clients may be a victim of a violent crime, they will not become a victim of the justice system – that is our promise.


Amy Rosenberry
Executive Director, Victim/Witness Assistance Program

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